Agnostic Deism

The Straw Man Attacks On “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism”

Recently I’ve been transcribing audio for a documentary on American gospel-oriented preachers, and listening to the subjects who’ve thus far been interviewed, I’ve noticed a pattern common to their rhetoric. … Continue reading

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Atheistic Misinterpretations of the Bible and the Parallel with Jesus Cultists

This is a follow-up to previous writings about how atheism is as much a faith in its own way as theism, the phenomenon of literalism, and the Cult About Jesus. … Continue reading

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Unitarian Christianity vs. the Cult of the Messenger

In my recent studies I came across the notion of Unitarianism and how closely it parallels agnostic deism. Unitarian Christianity is a subgroup of the Christian faith that rejects the … Continue reading

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Scientology: The Ghost of L. Ron Hubbard Is Laughing at You

Actress Leah Remini is in the entertainment news this week discussing her decision to leave scientology, and is making waves arguing that criticizing actor and scientologist Tom Cruise, for example, … Continue reading

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The Christian Bible and the Heresy of Literal Interpretation

In the war of words between atheists and theists, very often one will see atheists point to some passage of the Christian bible and point out seeming contradictions as evidence … Continue reading

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Selling Salvation

Ever since its legalization and later adoption by Rome beginning in the 4th century A.D., Christianity has undergone transformation from a renegade offshoot of Judaism to a formal institution with … Continue reading

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John Cleese and Michael Palin Defend ‘The Life of Brian’ (BBC4, 1979)

In 1979 famed British sketch comedy troupe Monty Python produced a satirical film regarding the New Testament, The Life of Brian. The story depicts the “tragic comedy” of Brian, a … Continue reading

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Why Atheism is As Much a Faith as Theism

I was reading a very interesting double interview on from 2006 featuring Margaret Atwood and Martin Amis on the subject of faith. Atwood is interviewed first, while Amis fills … Continue reading

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Stapledon’s God and the Reason for Suffering

If you’re a fan of science fiction and a voracious reader, as I am, you may have heard of Olaf Stapledon. You can locate his books on, if you … Continue reading

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Agnostic Deism

Agnosticism is the belief that no one can truly know for certain whether there is a god or gods, because there exists no physical evidence one way or another. ┬áBelief, … Continue reading

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