Agnostic Deism

About the Blog

Agnostic Deism is about the search for answers using reason. Because there is yet no physical test to determine the existence of a god or gods, or the lack thereof, we must go partly by faith, and partly through the use of our own faculties. This blog is where I try to use the faculties I possess so that I might find answers, and share what I discover with others.


One comment on “About the Blog

  1. C.J. Cameron

    Michael; What strikes me about your agnostic approach to the questions presented when one considers reason vs. faith is its inherent humility and consequent open-mindedness. IMHO, such an approach is worthy of emulation. Incidentally, in my post “Separate Fire, Different Flame” @ I address the exact issue you raise above regarding physical tests vs. materially unsubstantiated conviction.
    C.J. Cameron

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